Armies of Compassion

Jay_WHThe Bradley Foundation and Baylor University have commissioned Jay Hein to write a book on the Bush administration’s compassion initiatives.  In his first speech as a presidential candidate in July 1999, George W. Bush outlined his vision for compassionate conservatism and a faith-based initiative that would rally the armies of compassion.  His first inaugural addressed featured a challenge for Americans to be citizens, not spectators, in response to the challenges we face in our nation and our communities. 

Throughout his two terms, President Bush enlarged the compassion agenda each year through such diverse activity as a call to service in response to 9/11, a mentoring children of prisoners initiative to break the cycle of despair, and an AIDS initiative in Africa that gave new life and new hope across the continent. 

Hein’s book will describe the vision, policies, and stories of the President’s determined attack on need.  Government was reformed to favor frontline charities.  Philanthropy was encouraged to support voluntary action.  And lives were transformed as a result.

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White House Initiatives

  • White House Roundtables

    Discussions as part of the White House's Faith-Based and Community Initiatives during the Bush administration.
  • Hein Vs. Freedom From Religion Foundation

    Hein Vs. Freedom From Religion Foundation

    In Hein v. Freedom From Religion Foundation (2007), the U.S. Supreme Court limited the power of federal courts to enforce the Establishment Clause's restrictions on government funding of religion. Read about its effects one year later.
  • White House Reports

    White House Reports

    From 2006-2008, the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives investigated the impact of FBCI policies in twelve Federal agencies. Read more about Jay Hein's research here.
  • Baylor Faith and Service Research

    Baylor Faith and Service Research

    The Sagamore Institute and Baylor University's Institute for Religious Studies have partnered to create the Program on Faith and Generosity. Learn more about this program here.
  • Book Talks

    Book Talks

    Mr. Hein outlined themes from "Armies of Compassion" at Marquette Law School in September 2008. Listen to a podcast and see photos of the event here.
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