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  • Jul 25, 2013
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New Energy Collage

Sus·tain·a·bil·i·ty [suh-steyn uh-bil-i-tee]. Simply defined, sustainability means the "capacity to endure."

With current U.S. energy prices spiraling upward, Americans are confronted once again with the vulnerability of energy supply and its "capacity to endure."  Energy demand is on the rise as developing countries build more buildings and drive more autos.

Meanwhile, energy supply resources (e.g., oil, coal) and energy demand products (e.g., cars and trucks) produce emissions that pollute the pristine air we want our children to breathe for healthy, and sustainable lives. In addition, energy-related costs carry the potential to quickly crumble our economy and reduce the seemingly “sustainable” American lifestyle that we all value and desire for future generations.

Sagamore Institute believes we can develop economic solutions, improve the quality of life and reduce environmental impact simultaneously; thus, fulfilling the often-elusive goal of sustainability. That’s why we recently recruited Mr. John E. Waters, an expert on energy, transportation, and efficiency issues, to lead Sagamore’s New Energy projects and thought leadership. John is the recent founder and CEO of Bright Automotive, Inc. where he developed a free-market transportation solution that reduces oil consumption by a factor of 10, reduces emissions by a factor of 5 to 8, and reduces operating costs by 30-70% for the commercial drivers who drive them.

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