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Alan W. Dowd

Rediscovering America’s Purpose

Written by: Alan W. Dowd | Posted: Jan 30, 2015

What is America’s place and purpose in the world? Over the centuries, Americans have answered that question in many different ways. When the United States was young and weak, Washington prudently plotted a path of studied nonintervention, ...

Awareness without Action

Written by: Alan W. Dowd | Posted: Jan 9, 2015

When asked about his limited response to ISIS, President Obama recently said he is not interested in “devoting another trillion dollars, after having been involved in big occupations of countries that didn’t turn out all that ...

Time to Dust off the Monroe Doctrine

Written by: Alan W. Dowd | Posted: Nov 25, 2014

Much has been reported about Washington’s “Pacific pivot” aimed at deterring Chinese adventurism in the South China Sea and the “reassurance initiative” aimed at deterring further Russian revisionism in Eastern Europe. ...

Enemies of Humanity

Written by: Alan W. Dowd | Posted: Oct 28, 2014

As U.S. military forces continue the long war against ISIS, al Qaeda and other jihadist groups, it’s tempting to view these stateless, ruthless enemies as unlike anything America has ever faced. After all, by striking America’s military ...

The anonymous war against ISIS

Written by: Alan W. Dowd | Posted: Oct 14, 2014

Originally Published in The Landing Zone It’s been just over a month since the president vowed “to degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS - and more than two months since Air Force and Navy platforms launched what the president ...

America's Global Role

Written by: Alan W. Dowd | Posted: Sep 30, 2014

Originally Published in Military Officer Iraq has become a Rorschach test for Americans. The interventionists see Iraq as proof American power was the crucial ingredient in keeping Iraq’s neighborhood stable. The disengagers point to ...

Back to Basics for NATO

Written by: Alan W. Dowd | Posted: Sep 29, 2014

Noting that “Russia’s aggressive actions against Ukraine have fundamentally challenged our vision of a Europe whole, free and at peace,” NATO’s 28 political leaders declared during their September summit in Wales ...

Today’s Axis of Evil

Written by: Alan W. Dowd | Posted: Sep 3, 2014

Originally Published in ASCF Report The ISIS rampage through Iraq highlights something too often overlooked by U.S. policymakers: the strong likelihood that regimes, groups and systems that trample religious liberty will ultimately ...

The End of the Post-Post-9/11 Era

Written by: Alan W. Dowd | Posted: Sep 3, 2014

The war on terror, we were assured, ended sometime between the president’s inauguration in 2009 and Osama bin Laden’s elimination in 2011. “The president does not describe this as a ‘war on terrorism,’” ...

Playing the Kurdish Card

Written by: Alan W. Dowd | Posted: Aug 18, 2014

Originally Published in The Landing Zone Iraq as we know it appears to be disintegrating. Operating under the banner of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham—the acronyms ISIS and ISIL are used interchangeably—a marauding army of ...

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