Innovative Ideas.

As a think tank...

We believe ideas matter. And engaging citizens in the development and exploration of life-changing, society-enhancing ideas is our business.

Real Results.

We take action...

We know one size does not fit all in addressing our most persistent societal challenges so we welcome conversations and research – research that actually puts ideas and theories to test. We’re in communities, getting our hands dirty, working alongside innovative practitioners, learning from them, and measuring the impact of ideas put into practice.

Our Home.

The perfect place to convene conversations…

Perched on the corner of Meridian and 29th Streets in downtown Indianapolis, the Louis H. Levey Mansion serves as an ideal vantage point for the Sagamore Institute to conduct its work as a think tank in America’s heartland. Policymakers, practitioners, and citizens gather to create grassroots solutions to society’s most stubborn problems, looking to history to guide the future.

Our History.

Recognizing our future runs through our past…

Louis Levey, the original owner of Sagamore’s headquarters, counted Charles Fairbanks, who served as vice president to Teddy Roosevelt, and literary giant James Whitcomb Riley as neighbors. In addition to having a reputation as a fabulous host, Mr. Levey was also a successful business owner and devoted much of his time to civic service.

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We put ideas into action.

We seek to create informed citizens and to supply innovative solutions to society's most pressing challenges in Indiana and across the world.

Our Story

Get Involved

Thomas Jefferson believed that an educated citizenry was necessary for the American Experiment to be successful.  That assignment renews with every generation so we invite you to join Sagamore mission to become more educated and engaged citizens.

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