Innovative Ideas.

As a think tank...

We are in the ideas business.

Real Results.

How we took action...

Headquartered in America’s heartland, we understand that ideas must be put to work to create lasting change.

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Our Home.

Sagamore found the perfect home for our think tank…

In a turn-of-the-century mansion named after its original owner, Louis Levey, who owned a print shop in town.

Our History.

Sagamore enjoys recalling its building’s rich history when convening conversations about the future…

Mr. Levey’s contemporaries included his neighbor, Charles W. Fairbanks, who served as vice president to Teddy Roosevelt, and literary giant James Whitcomb Riley.

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Sagamore is an action-oriented think tank.

Through our distributed network of scholars and strategic partners, we endeavor to make government policy smarter, to strengthen civil society, and to advance free enterprise at home and abroad.

Our Story

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Thomas Jefferson believed that an educated citizenry was necessary for the American Experiment to be successful.  That assignment renews with every generation so we invite you to join Sagamore mission to become more educated and engaged citizens.

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