We believe the good society is formed by a government that protects its citizens and provides order, a business class (for-profits and nonprofits) that improves communities, and citizens who are educated and engaged. We help to build this society by supplying research, consulting, and impact investing in innovative ideas that produce real results.


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“A lot of people in politics and policy admire problems. We admire solutions. Focusing on problems tends to pit one side against the other. A focus on solutions leverages ideas, talent, and capital to accomplish something among partners beyond anything single actors can do on their own.”  – Jay Hein


Innovative Ideas

As a think tank…we are in the ideas business.

Real Results

Headquartered in America’s heartland…we understand that ideas must be put to work.


What is a think tank?

A think tank is a network of research fellows, thought leaders, and partnering organizations working together to turn ideas into actions, and actions into impact.

What Is Sagamore's Story?

As Dan Coats was preparing to return to the United States following his service as US Ambassador to Germany in 2004, he and Jay Hein determined that America needed a think tank based in the heartland’s values and geography. In contrast to the noise and rancor coming from Washington, D.C., Sagamore Institute was formed that same year to tackle difficult issues with civility and focus on solutions not ideology.    

How is Sagamore different?

Sagamore measures its success by the power of its ideas, the degree of our impact in innovation projects, and the amount of influence we have on leaders.  This emphasis on ideas into action and solutions over ideological debate places our think tank in rare company.


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