Carole Kariuki

Carole Kariuki

Senior Fellow

Kariuki joins ISOKO as the CEO of Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), a business consortium seeking to create an enabling business environment in Kenya and East Africa. Kariuki brings her expertise in economic development as well as access to the Kenyan and regional business communities to ISOKO Institute.

Before coming to ISOKO, Kariuki spent time in banking and then went on to receive a Masters in Public Administration and International Affairs from Bowling Green University in Ohio. After school, she worked for Sagamore Institute in Indianapolis where she helped to link HIV/AIDS organizations in Indianapolis to AMPATH, the largest AIDS prevention and treatment program in sub-Saharan Africa.

Upon returning to Kenya, Carole brokered a partnership between Sagamore Institute and KEPSA where she was employed as Program Officer. After leaving KEPSA, for a short time, she went on to consult for African Development Assistance. In 2009, she rejoined KEPSA as Program Manager, and in 2010 she became CEO. Kariuki’s experience at the apex of Kenya’s private sector will add great value to ISOKO’s mission to build Africa’s private sector through entrepreneurship, investment, and leadership.

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