David Bell

David Bell

Partner | Circle City Fellows

David Bell has spent most of his vocational hours with the title “teacher” or “pastor.” In the past two decades, he has been committed to leadership development, whether teaching courses to Christian Ministries students at Taylor University, leading hundreds of young adults through a college & young adult ministry, developing his own leadership cohort curriculum, or coaching individuals and groups in his Enneagram consulting role.

Now that commitment has expanded into his role as Executive Director of Circle City Fellows in Indianapolis, Indiana as he leads an effort to raise up a generation of missional leaders who will seek the flourishing of their city as they are equipped and empowered to integrate their faith into the place where they spend the majority of their time. Specifically, Fellows will experience a nine month program that is steeped in community, culturally engaged, and rooted in the theology of our shared faith that calls us to live on mission with God for God’s kingdom sake.

Alongside this work, he continues his Enneagram teaching and mentoring. Using the wisdom of the Enneagram, he offers spiritual mentoring and teaching to lead individuals on this journey to their true self. Seeing the impact of its wisdom in his own life led him to pursue multiple trainings to become a facilitator, coach, and teacher of the Enneagram, most recently apprenticing under Master Enneagram teacher and author of The Road Back to You and The Path Between Us, Suzanne Stabile. Out of this training, he teaches, facilitates, mentors, and guides individuals to connect meaningfully in their own self-awareness as well as how they relate with others. In addition, this Enneagram wisdom has been an invaluable tool for cultivating leadership character and expanding leadership capacity in those with whom he works.

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