Pierre Atlas

Pierre Atlas

Senior Fellow

Pierre M. Atlas, Ph.D., associate professor of political science, is the director of The Richard G. Lugar Franciscan Center for Global Studies and writes a monthly opinion column for The Indianapolis Star (second Thursday of the month). He obtained his Ph.D. in political science from Rutgers University in 2000 and holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in political science from the University of Arizona and the University of Toronto, respectively. He teaches a variety of classes including Introduction to American politics, United States Foreign Policy, Middle East politics, Politics of the Global Economy, Civil Wars and Ethnic Conflicts, and GLS 101 Global Perspectives. He leads the annual Lugar Fellow Global Studies spring break trip to Washington, DC.

Dr. Atlas’ most recent publications include “US Foreign Policy and the Arab Spring: Balancing Values and Interests,” in Digest of Middle East Studies (Fall 2012) and a three-book book review on Palestinian citizens of Israel for the APSA journal Perspectives on Politics (December 2012). He has presented conference papers, written articles and book reviews, and co-authored a book chapter on Israeli politics and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and has authored entries for the Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa and the Encyclopedia of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. He is also co-author of an article in the Journal of Peace Research on civil war in Sudan, Zimbabwe, Chad, and Lebanon.

A native of Texas, Atlas grew up in California. His current research project examines the legacy of the North American frontier and differences between the United States and Canada.

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