How can individuals make a difference in today's culture? Arguably one of the most effective vehicles by which communities are shaped and transformed, culture-making is a powerful tool for progress; the arts unify communities, shape individuals, and beautify and enliven neighborhood blocks. Indiana has many examples of key culture-making citizens who

If you want to consume culture or community, it's best to live in places like Los Angeles. But if you want to produce culture or community, Indianapolis is the best place in the world.

-Brian Payne, CEO , Central Indiana Community Foundation

recognize the efficacy of creating spaces for artistic projects to be made and enjoyed. This section of American Outlook’s “Indiana Citizen” features major players in the arts and design community of Indiana: Jeff Sparks on the creation of the New Harmony Project and the Heartland Film Festival, a profile of Jeremy Efroymson of the Efroymson Family Fund and Joanna Taft, Executive Director of The Harrison Center for the Arts, Graham Brown on his apparel design company United States of Indiana, Brian Payne on the Indianapolis Foundation's 100th year, and Hunter Smith of the Hunter Smith Band.

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