The "Global Citizens" section of Indiana Citizen includes key examples of Hoosiers' involvmenet in philanthropy, medicine, farming, and school building in Kenya, Liberia, and Uganda.
Included in this section:
  • An article by Dr. Bob Einterz, Co-Founder and Director of the AMPATH-Kenya program, about the program's creation. 
  • Russ Pulliam honors Marty Moore's $30,000 grant to fuel IU's research into collaborating with Moi University, a partnership that proved vital during the AIDS crisis.
  • Fran Quigley, author of Walking Together, Walking Far, tells the story of Daniel Ochieng, a Kenyan medical student whose own battle with AIDS inspired Einterz's interest in fighting the AIDS crisis in Kenya.
  • Sagamore Institute President Jay Hein writes about Sagamore Board Member Jim Morris and Randy Tobias, CEO of Eli Lilly, whose friendship began as IU roommates. Tobias was tasked by President George W. Bush to faciliate PEPFAR. Morris, then the director of the United Nations World Food Program, recognized along with Tobias that third world nations need food just as much as medicine. Their global leadership helped PEPFAR's success.
  • Jeff Simmons, President of Animal Health at Elanco, writes about food security.
  • Gina Sheets talks about her journey from the Indiana State House to starting a farm in Liberia.
  • We profile George Srorur's work in Uganda with Building Tomorrow, his organization dedicated to building schools.
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