We are pleased to announce that the Sagamore Institute is launching the Indiana In Africa project. Led by Senior Fellows Gina and Travis Sheets, Sagamore will build a public database to capture and map all of the Indiana touch points on the continent of Africa.  This project champions a new approach to foreign aid by identifying and documenting individuals and organizations within Indiana who are producing meaningful work in Africa. Through this research we plan to reveal what we have already discovered, namely, that Indiana has an incredible community of innovative and compassionate individuals who are doing extraordinary work in Africa. 

Our purpose is not to create a scientific database.  Rather, we intend to create a networking resource, a home base for research and connections to the activities and expertise happening between Indiana and Africa. 

If you have an Indiana-Africa connection, we want to know about it! You can submit your entry by visiting this link. Once we have compiled a database along with our additional research, we will be sharing the results. Stayed tuned for additional information in mid-August.

Our criteria for submission:

  1. Individual/organization is based in Indiana during the time of work taking place in Africa and
  2. has a direct connection to Africa and/or the African Diaspora.
The database will be searchable by these sectors:
  • Individuals
  • Agriculture
  • Foundations
  • Faith based
  • Academic or Education
  • Business or Corporations
  • NGO
  • Other

We greatly appreciate your time and effort in helping the Sagamore Institute build this robust database of expertise working around the continent of Africa. If you would like to learn more about the Indiana in Africa project or to participate further in our efforts, you are welcome to contact us at gina@sagamoreinstitute.org.


In kind regards,

Gina and Travis Sheets

Senior Fellows

Africa Rising Portfolio



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