Shaping Global Leaders for Unity who will contribute to a more inclusive 4th Industrial Revolution

At many levels, humanity seems to be on the edge: from the growing prospects of more armed conflicts to the diminishing job market due to unnecessary trade wars and the rise of artificial intelligence and robots. These are unsettling times. Leaders today must be able to navigate a more complex world, compete successfully, and bring the right people together to produce results. It is the Leaders for Unity who will be able to prepare for and lead through the 4th industrial revolution that is now upon us. We say “Global” because there is no organization that is insulated from the impact of other countries, industries and economies in the world. We say “Leaders” because it is only leaders – wherever they are, in whatever their industry – that can change the world to be more economically sustainable, and a peaceful place in which to live and work. We say “Unity” because it is only when diversity is seen as a strength, and people are brought together to use their talents and resources that great and innovative things happen.


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