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Dan and Marsha Coats established a foundation in 1999 to advance effective compassion across America. Jay Hein ran their foundation as part of his duties at Hudson Institute. In 2004, the Coats and Hein used the foundation to create Sagamore Institute. When Dan Coats returned to the U.S. Senate in 2010, the foundation changed from a separate entity to an operational program of Sagamore Institute.

In 2017, Sagamore Investments LLC was created as an impact investing vehicle with three distinct characteristics. First, it operates as a 501c3 and receives all its revenue from Donor Advised Funds. Second, the LLC performs social venture design, diligence, and investment services. And third, Sagamore builds social impact into the diligence process ensuring industry-leading measures on the public good that results from private investment.


About Sagamore Institute (501c3)

Sagamore Institute is a think tank that specializes in enterprise solutions to poverty. Through a tripartite method of research, consulting, and investing, Sagamore puts ideas into action. As a 501c3, Sagamore Institute can receive grants from Donor Advised Funds and it can offer a charitable tax deduction for any donations made directly to Sagamore. In addition to the new impact investing business, Sagamore leverages tax credits to provide over $7 million annually in scholarships to help expand educational opportunity for K-12 students across Indiana.


About Sagamore Investments, LLC

Sagamore Investments serves two customers: (1) investors who want to use their personal capital or philanthropy to invest in meaningful social impact ventures; and (2) CEOs who want their social impact ventures to deliver strong economic returns to investors. The LLC operates the Commonwealth venture competition and marketplace in cities across America accelerate businesses that solve the nation’s greatest challenges (i.e., repairing broken places and healing broken lives).

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