Business of Nonprofits 


Peter Drucker spent the last third of his career writing about the business of nonprofits.  He referred to nonprofits as “America’s greatest export” and he worked as hard to help them perform with excellence with the same rigor as his Fortune 500 clients.  This work resulted in the Drucker Institute co-founded by Sagamore partner Bob Buford.


Sagamore president Jay Hein led the White House strategy to strengthen America’s nonprofits from 2006-08.  In this work, he built on his experience with Buford, Drucker and others to advocate and upgrade the business of nonprofits. 

Nonprofits account for 1 in 10 jobs in the American economy and they manage billions of dollars.  They may not earn profit for shareholders but they create enormous public profit.  By turning passive philanthropy into active social investment, Americans will create healthier and more sustainable communities.