The office of the Minister of Youth & Sports have constituted the country's INTERNATIONAL SPORTS COMMITTEE. Our mission is to develop Liberia's young people and to garner strategic international partners to help develop sports and recreational centers that will allow young Liberians to engage in sporting and leadership activities that will drive responsible decision making about positive life choices.

The Objective of the INTERNATIONAL SPORTS COMMITTEE will be drafting a legislated national sports policy, contribute to the development and civic engagement, sports and culture, while also promoting Liberia as a country of peace, culture and African heritage. We will hold events with the aim of positioning young women and men as key actors in the integration of culture and sports as fundamental components of human development and an enduring peace.

  • To provide young men and women with an opportunity to engage in sports to reduce idle time.
  • To empower the young men and women through provision of relevant sports and recreational enters, materials to help them make informed choices as individuals and as citizen of Liberia.
  • To mobilize young men and women through sports to engage in vocational activities and small income generating activities for their livelihood.
  • To reduce the spread of STI/HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.
  • To reduce the level of violence in young men and women through sports within the rural and urban slum areas.
As such, the INTERNATIONAL SPORTS COMMITTEE’s participants, including young athletes, young leaders, and experts in the themes of the MOYS ISC from the diaspora, sport champions, civil society representatives, members of relevant youth organizations, and young men and women with a close interest in sports, as well as young women and men in general, will discuss three main topics:
  • Violence Prevention and Peace Building
  • Sport for Social Inclusion
  • Heritage and Creativity for Sustainable Development

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