Sagamore's COVID-19 Response

The Sagamore Institute has deployed its research, consulting, and impact investing services to help Americans navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you to explore the following stories, showcasing this effort.


Virtual Town Hall with US Senator Todd Young

todd young

On April 16, 2020, the Sagamore Institute hosted a virtual town hall featuring US Senator Todd Young on the subject of America’s critical response to COVID-19. The Senator offered perspectives from both Washington and Indiana, and engaged in a Q&A session with participants on the call.  We invite you to watch Sen. Young encourage his fellow Hoosiers and offer a message of hope for the future.

Click here to watch Sen. Young’s virtual town hall.


Bringing Americans Back to Work

hard hats

In his latest article, Sagamore fellow Rick Baker offers suggestions for how America can return to normalcy once the COVID-19 threat begins to diminish. In particular, his article addresses the popular concern that this virus will return with a “second-wave” when our country opens again. His suggestions include practical measures to resume normal activities while counterbalancing a virus spike. He says, “The curve is bending down because we are staying home… but we can’t stay home forever.” 

Read Baker’s suggestions for cautiously restarting our nation’s economy here.


A Roadmap to Normalcy

mitch daniels purdue

Sagamore senior fellow Alan Dowd features Purdue president Mitch Daniels’ plan to reopen America’s universities.

Read Dowd’s article here


Nonprofit and Business Sectors Rise to the COVID19 Challenge


Sagamore senior fellow Alan Dowd highlights churches, charities and businesses that are fighting COVID-19 and helping Americans in need.  Their response, he says, “illustrates that America remains a great and good nation full of individuals, houses of worship, charities and businesses that rise to the occasion. America will need to sustain that same creativity and selflessness to navigate the post-COVID19 world.”

Read Dowd’s article here.


YMCA of the Triangle Speaking Series

Sagamore scholar James White has begun a series of talks from the YMCA of the Triangle. These videos address strategies for leaders and community members to navigate the virus scare with care for our mind, body, and soul.

Browse White’s messages here.


Commonwealth Partners Respond to COVID-19


Several Commonwealth Partners have risen to the challenges of COVID-19 faced by our communities. One of our startups is continuing to provide free and safe deliveries, while also donating face masks to medical staff in the Indianapolis area. Another partner is offering free online forums for nonprofits on how to deal with this crisis, while many of our partner schools are doing everything they can to ensure that their students are healthy and provided for during these difficult times.

We invite you to check out our featured Commonwealth partners and their response to COVID-19 here

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